What if the restrictions get stricter and a wedding ceremony is not possible anymore and I have to cancel?

A full refund will be provided if the ceremony cannot proceed due to restrictions from a Public Health Order.

What if the restrictions are lifted and I can have more ceremony attendees and both cocktails and receptions are permitted?

The ceremony space is able to increase seats and additional cocktail and/or reception space is available for booking.

Can I invite additional people to take photos in the ceremony space after the wedding ceremony has ended?

Unfortunately they cannot become a part of the ceremony space but there are a number of wonderful greenspaces in the neighbourhood that would suit post-ceremony photos (i.e. Central Park or the Burnaby Public Library Garden located just a few steps away).

What is the check in and check out time for the Bridal Suite / Honeymoon Suite?

Check-in time would be 8am on the day of the wedding so that the Bride can use the space for preparations prior to the ceremony and will also serve as an overnight stay on the wedding evening. A late-check out at 2pm can be arranged upon request.

Is there WIFI in the Waterford Room?

We have included WIFI in the To Have & To Hold package which is suitable for basic live streaming. There is an optional add-on Live Streaming Package via Zoom that starts at $500.

If you opt to conduct the live streaming on your own, you may do so as well - the WIFI is included. We do suggest you consider visiting this site for some live streaming tips: https://www.eventstothenines.ca/guidance

Do vendors count as guests?

Vendors considered "staff" - i.e. hired and paid to be present; not involved directly in the ceremony (e.g. walking down the aisle, doing a reading, officiating or signing as a witness etc.); and maintain their mask the entire duration of their work hours - are not counted in the 10-person limit. We are guided by the BC Provincial Health Order and as of March 11 2021 the guidance reads:


Funerals, weddings and baptisms may proceed with a limited number of people and a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place. You can have a maximum of 10 people attend, including the officiant. Review BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) information on event planning.

  • The event organizer and staff present at the event are not included in the 10 people limit

  • If the event organizer also acts as the officiant, that person is included in the 10 people limit

Receptions associated with funerals, weddings or baptisms are not allowed inside homes or venues.

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